BMW Sidewinder Meccanica K-KIT K10G

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The all anticipated K Series SideWinder Meccanica kit is here at last. Similar in concept to the RetroRides kit made famous in Brazil, but re-engineered and improved to be a functional and purpose built kit for all BMW K75, K100 and K1100 motorcycles.

The brackets holding the custom shock absorber is made of aerospace grade 7075 Aluminium. All linkages allow 3D movement with the use of spherical bearings. The entire piece functions perfectly to get the most out of the dedicated shock absorber.

The kit comes with two shock options:

  1. MG-CB-366-305-TRWL-KRR (side reservoir type)
  2. MZ-CB-366-305-TR-KRR (coil-over type)

*for coil over reservoir option click [here]

The MG-CB-366-305-TRWL-KRR option offers the following quality features;
1. Threaded preload adjustment;

2. Rebound adjustment.

3. High and low speed compression adjustment

The SideWinder Kit also comes in over 90 different colour options. However, the most popular can be selected in the options below.

This kit is not length adjustable – It is specifically designed for BMW K Bikes.

Note that each shock is custom built to your specification and takes about 10 business days to process.

E.g. 1982 BMW K100
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Adjustment Settings and Custom Design

Adjustable preload, Rebound and Hi-Low Compression settings available to dial in your ride to your weight and comfort, coupled with a slick and functional design.

Countersunk Bolts

All bolts are countersunk and made of stainless steel. The unit comes pre-assembled for convenience. Safe and smooth.

Engineered to Perfection

Not only is the SideWinder kit designed to look great, but it’s strong too. Testing has been done to validate the use of high quality aerospace 7075 Aluminium. Perfect for the application!

Product Fitment

This kit is suitable for BMW K75, K100, K100RS16V, K1 & K1100 bikes ranging from early 80’s to early 00’s.

The complete kit is delivered fully assembled and should not be taken apart, due to thread-locker being used at the bolts. The rear mounting point fits the standard BMW stud, push it on and mount the nut. The triangular shaped raw steel part must be welded in the main chassis of the BMW. The raw steel front mounting bracket must be welded to the triangular part in the chassis. If you mount the kit on your bike, make sure it lines up straight to the front and make sure the shock absorber is in parallel with the swing-arm. This will mark the spot where the front mounting point must be welded to the chassis. After this, you can paint or powdercoat the complete chassis, after that, the spherical bearing can be pressed in, cclips on both sides, orings and then press the anodised aluminium bushes in the bearing.

All welding should be done by a professional.

What comes in the box?

YSS Suspension BMW SideWinder K-kit – What comes with it?

  1. Fully assembled Sidewinder aluminium bracket and shock absorber.
  2. Steel bracket for welding.
  3. Spherical bearing, c-clips and o-rings to fit.

Additional Information & Disclaimer


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely, particularly where vehicle performance may change from the original specification. There is an element of risk associated with any modification and it is up to you to ensure these risks are minimised and taken into account. Further, some components may not be suitable for installation as a result rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements are met, relevant to your country and/or jurisdiction. JAX Garage takes no responsibility for any damage or injury as a result of any component or vehicle modification.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 15 cm

YSS Shocks


BMW K100, BMW K1100, BMW K75

Bracket Colour

RAW Aluminium (+ $0), Aluminium Anodised (+ $80), Black Anodised (+ $80), Gold Anodised (+ $80), Red Anodised (+ $80), Blue Anodised (+ $80), Orange Anodised (+ $80), Chrome Powdercoated (+ $80), Nardo Grey Powdercoated (+ $80), White Powdercoated RAL9016 (+ $80), Red Powdercoated RAL3020 (+ $80), Blue Powdercoated RAL5010 (+ $80), Blue Powdercoated RAL5015 (+ $80), Gold Chrome Powdercoated (+ $80), Gulf Blue Powdercoated (+ $80)

Shock Colour

Aluminum Anodised (+ $0), Black Anodised (+ $80), Gold Anodised (+ $80)

Spring Colour

Black (+ $0), Chrome (+ $70), Nardo Grey (+ $70), White RAL9016 (+ $70), Red RAL3020 (+ $70), Blue RAL5010 (+ $70), Blue RAL5015 (+ $70), Gold Chrome (+ $70), Yellow RAL1003 (+ $70), Orange RAL2004 (+ $70), Gulf Blue (+ $70)