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About Us

JAX Garage was officially created in early 2019 by Jas Babalija, the founder, engineer and builder. It was created to scratch a personal itch; that is, pursuing a creative outlet.  But creativity isn’t enough. The builds created here must be functional, exhilarating as well as beautiful. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Homologation, and an accreditation as a VASS Engineer in Melbourne, Australia, all builds are intended for road use as well as be of show-bike quality.

The team also consists of two others. Dom Scarpari, a Motor Mechanic by qualification with over 30 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge in custom machining, and our Creative Director, Christina Scarpari, who captures all the work we do.

We’re not just any Melbourne based custom motorcycle workshop. As a team and a family, we do 3 things.

  1. We create custom motorcycles.
  2. We manufacture custom parts.
  3. We offer fabrication and engineering solutions.

We’re firm believers that anyone can build a truly great custom motorcycle as long as they’re not afraid to make some mistakes and get their hands dirty. Whether you’re from Melbourne, Australia or from Europe or the US, we can help turn your dream bike into reality with custom fabrications and parts.

Don’t have the time to do it yourself but still want to ride a piece of custom art? Don’t stress. We’re happy to build it for you. So get in touch and be one step closer to riding something built purely for you that tells the world your story. Want more info on the process of building a cafe racer, tracker, scrambler then check out our process in the builds section? If you’re after some inspiration, feel free to check out our builds, or see the works of some of our ambassadors that fit our parts.

Meet the Team


Founder and Engineer


Mechanic and Lead Builder


Creative Director
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