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Fabrications & Engineering Solutions

JAX Garage was officially created in early 2019 by Jas Babalija, the founder, engineer and builder. It was created to scratch a personal itch, that is, pursuing a creative outlet.  But creativity isn’t enough. The builds created here must be functional, exhilarating as well as beautiful.
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Need something custom – You name it, we’ll build it.

At JAX Garage we do 3 things. We create custom motorcycles, we manufacture custom parts, and we offer fabrication and engineering solutions.

Now what do we fabricate and what solutions do we provide?

We understand that others don’t have the necessary tooling, expertise and time on their hands to get into the nitty gritty of starting and finishing every aspect of a custom project. But don’t stress, we’re here for you. If you’re looking to do most of the work on your build but are stuck with the finer details of things such as an exhaust, intake, seat, electrical tray etc. We can help so please get in touch.

We cater to locals within Melbourne and Australia, but also globally. So yes, we can organise to get the fabrication freighted to places like the USA, Europe, Asia and more.

By choosing JAX Garage to contribute to your dream bike you’ll be taken on the following 4 step journey.

Your 4-Step Journey

1. Initial discussion

A face-to-face or online meeting is made where we discuss what your fabrication entails, what inspirations you have, and the general feel and style of the build. We also discuss whether your bike is coming into the shop, or whether you need to send through some measurements first.

2. Review Proposal and pre-start discussion

Based on our first discussion we’ll develop a proposal document that covers what the fabrication will look like. We’ll talk about time frames and approximate costs, before giving you a final quote to accept. Please note that if you bring your bike in you won’t have to take any measurements or consider clearances. We can take care of all that for you.

3. Let’s get fabricating

Here we fabricate the custom item as per our assessment or your measurements. We specialise in exhausts, intake boxes, electrical trays and more. This includes mild steel, stainless, aluminium or titanium components.

4. Shipping and Engineering Validation

If you’re local, simply come past the workshop and pick your item / bike up (with it all fitted). If you’re not local we can organise shipping. Please note that if you’re in Australia we can discuss the requirements of an engineering certificate for registration. If you’re from outside Australia, we make sure the parts can comply with your relevant Country and Jurisdiction (if required).

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each build is intended to be showcased one way or another. This means documentation via our social channels, online and magazine publications etc. So whilst we want you to be the happiest customer on the road, we also must be happy to release the build out on the streets and to publications. Our work will therefore be directly available to critique by the world.

Featured Mentions & Article Releases

‘Together with his father in law, Jas Babalija, put new life in his BMW K75. Great work, JAX Garage!’
‘Together the pair have delivered a show-stopper of a K75, with their talent on full display, along with the bike’s myriad of breathtaking one-off components’
‘Resurrection. BMW K75. Cafe Racer’ Feature article in Australian Motorcyclist Magazine Issue No. 83

Meet the Builders

You’ll be in good hands: With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Homologation, and VASS Engineering accreditation in Melbourne, Australia, all builds are intended for road use as well as be of show-bike quality. This is complemented with over 30 years of experience in motor mechanics.


Founder and Engineer


Mechanic and Lead Builder


Creative Director

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