Custom Motorcycles: How it Works

JAX Garage was officially created in early 2019 by Jas Babalija, the founder, engineer and builder. It was created to scratch a personal itch; that is, pursuing a creative outlet.  But creativity isn’t enough. The builds created here must be functional, exhilarating as well as beautiful.

Café Racer, Scrambler, Brat, Bobber – You name it, we’ll build it.

At JAX Garage we do 3 things. We create custom motorcycles, we manufacture custom parts, and we offer fabrication and engineering solutions. 

We understand that others don’t have the necessary tooling, expertise and time on their hands to get into the nitty gritty of starting and finishing a custom project. But don’t stress, we’re here for you. We cater to locals within Melbourne and Australia, but also globally. 

So yes, we can organise to get the build freighted to places like the USA, Europe, Asia and more.

We Ship

Your 7 Step Journey

A face-to-face or online meeting is made where we discuss what your build entails, what inspirations you have, and the general feel and style of the build. We also discuss whether your bike is coming into the shop, or whether we need to source one.
Based on our first discussion we’ll develop a proposal document that covers the features and colours of your ride. You’ll know exactly what components are going on your build and get a rough idea of what it’ll look like. We’ll talk about time frames and approximate costs, before giving you a final quote to accept.
This stage involves the initial start phase of the build. If we’re already working off a bike you’ve brought in, we check it for operation, leaks, compression etc. It gets an engine re-build if it needs it and then it’s time for measurements and detailed planning.
Here we fabricate any brackets, tabs, electrical trays, fenders, seat pans… you name it and fit it to the bike. We also declutter the frame and tidy things up. How and what the bike looks like will come to fruition here.
Everything must come off. Whilst there is some overlap between phase 2 and 3, by this stage everything has come off the bike and the cleaning and painting begins. This includes the engine, frame, sub-frame etc. we will have determined the colour scheme well before this, but if you’re still unsure by this stage it’s now time to come to a decision, or leave it on our hands.
We careful reconstruct the machine from ground up. All components are torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications and the custom café racer, scrambler, brat, bobber or whatever your wild imagination chose starts to come to life.
At this stage, she’s rolling, running and making some noise. By the end of it she’s get a new and improved lease on life and all engineering checks are validated. If you’re in Australia (specifically Victoria) the bike receives an engineering certificate for registration. If you’re from outside Australia, we make sure the bike complies with your relevant Country and Jurisdiction.

Featured Mentions and Article Releases

‘Resurrection. BMW K75. Cafe Racer’ Feature article in Australian Motorcyclist Magazine Issue No. 83

JAX Garage Custom Motorcycles: How it works 1
Australian Motocyclist Magazine

‘Together the pair have delivered a show-stopper of a K75, with their talent on full display, along with the bike’s myriad of breathtaking one-off components’

JAX Garage Custom Motorcycles: How it works 2

‘Together with his father in law, Jas Babalija, put new life in his BMW K75. Great work, JAX Garage!’

JAX Garage Custom Motorcycles: How it works 3
BMW Motorrad

Meet the Builders

You’ll be in good hands: With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Homologation, and VASS Engineering accreditation in Melbourne, Australia, all builds are intended for road use as well as be of show-bike quality. This is complemented with over 30 years of experience in motor mechanics.

JAX Garage Custom Motorcycles: How it works 4


Designer, Engineer and Builder

JAX Garage Custom Motorcycles: How it works 5


Mechanic and Lead Builder

How much does it typically cost?

Every build is different but we generally recommend a healthy budget of about $25,000 AUD + the bike. We recommend spreading this cost across 5 progress payments. Depending on the build it can be less than this amount, or more on the work required. Component costs usually outweigh the labour costs unless serious fabrication work is necessary. We work within your budget, but don’t compromise on quality.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each build is intended to be showcased one way or another. This means documentation via our social channels, online and magazine publications etc. So whilst we want you to be the happiest customer on the road, we also must be happy to release the build out on the streets and to publications. Our work will therefore be directly available to critique by the world.


It really depends on the complexity of the build. But we usually take about 4 months from start to finish.

Yes, but only if we haven’t already started work/painting on that particular item. Otherwise we’ll have to charge you accordingly. We’re very flexible and understand that choosing colours and other items is difficult. As long as you tell us before start that work, we can accommodate for it.

We source the highest quality products for our builds. We offer in house fabrications, as well as sell parts like triple tree sets that are second to none in quality and craftsmanship. Where we don’t stock an item, we purchase what we would have on our own bikes. Of course you’ll have a say in this and we give you a proposal document where you can pick your parts or source your own.

We intend to have all our projects featured on an online magazine or publication, paper magazine or other. But we can’t promise anything on this front as it’s not our call. At the very least, your entire build will be documented on our blog and social avenues. We won’t release any information about you however, unless you specifically request it.

Yes. In fact we encourage you to come to the workshop from time to time to view and discuss the build. If you’re interstate or overseas, we can always arrange a video call and go from there.

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