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1981 Honda CB750 F Cafe Racer

There was no particular concept followed. The bike evolved into what it is over several years of work as described in the build process. One thing was always on the cards though. We wanted something that was going to be true to Honda. Hence the red, black and silver colour scheme, and the old-school feel of the bike.

If you’ve been following us for a little while you will have noticed that the Cafe Racer build process for this bike was rather stop-start after initially starting works at the end of 2019. It was always intended to be a personal project, hence the very long timeline. As JAX Garage grew more traction in the custom scene we got busy working hard on client builds and prototyping parts. This build just kept getting pushed to the background.

Slowly, it developed into more of something we loved, and with a spare minute or two here and there we isolated little sections to work on. We spent a few days here machining up the billet aluminium grips on the lathe and mill, then a while down the track we would spend a few days there painting the tank etc.

Over a long period of time, a custom café racer was slowly born. That’s the best way we can describe it.

Whilst it’s been a long journey, the most amazing part was actually working on it in drips and drabs, stepping away from other pressures. It was always a bit of a passion project, but not one to keep, so this bike is up for sale for the lucky individual that wants it.

Also note that this bike has recently been featured on Bikebound Magazine.

So what was done?


Paint & Name:

  1. Soul Red (Candy)


  1. Fuel Tank modified to remove top recess for gas cap
  2. Rear Electrical Tray painted black to merge with the frame – Carpeted underneath
  3. Seat pan and rear cowl (hours perfected and metal shaped)
  4. Custom Front fender
  5. Custom chain guard made from steel tubing and perforated steel plate
  6. Rear subframe modified, hoop attached, shortened.
  7. Entire frame detabbed of redundant tabs and fixture points, then painted in-house

Engine & Performance Parts:

  1. Mikuni RS34 flat slide Carbs with aluminium velocity stacks
  2. Delkavic 4into1 aftermarket exhaust system


  1. Completely custom wiring loom (wiring diagram can be found on our blog)
  2. motogadget mo.unit blue integration
  3. motogadget mo.lock integration
  4. motogaget motoscope pro and breakout box integration
  5. Rick’s Electrics 14-103 Regulator Rectifier
  6. Antigravity 801 Lithium Ion Battery
  7. motogadget m.switch mini switch gear
  8. Stedi Carbon Black 7 Inch Headlight – integrated with a floating bracket design
  9. motogadget mo.blaze disc front indicators
  10. motogadget mo.blaze pin rear indicators
  11. Integrated rear hoop tail light


  1. JAX Garage Replacement Top Triple
  2. JAX Garage Replacement fork tube caps
  3. Rear Aftermarket chrome painted suspension. Front forks rebuilt, shorter progressive springs

Wheels & Tyres:

  1. Shinko E270 Classic Tyres front and rear


  1. Custom inhouse machine billet aluminium grips
  2. Custom inhouse machine billet aluminium footpegs
  3. Custom inhouse machine billet aluminium fuel cap cover
  4. Custom inhouse machine billet aluminium crank case breather
  5. Custom inhouse rear brake reservoir
  6. Custom inhouse machine bolt covers and ornamental silvers.
  7. Motogadget mo.view street mirrors

This bike has now run its course across our social media and online publications and is available to buy. The advertised price is $22,000 AUD. Interstate, and International shipping can be supported. You’re welcome to express interest in this build by using one of our contact forms on our website.

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