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1983 BMW R100 Sport Bobber

With the constant iteration of the BMW airhead the /7 series R100 turned into one of the finest BMW motorcycles since its introduction in the 1970s. Fast forward 40-50 years, and it has become a popular bike for customisation, particularly as a bobber, with many builders putting their own unique spin on the iconic machine. But we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, something more sporty, more nimble, and in-line with our clients desire to tear through the Victorian High Country.

The customisation of our Sport Bobber began with stripping the bike down to its bare bones. The sub-frame and bobber seat was modified to give the bike a more aggressive stance, while the underside of the fuel tank was modified to allow for additional storage for more modern electrics (motogadget bluetooth connectivity, RFID lock, Lithium Ion Battery compatible regulator recitifier and more).

The suspension was also upgraded to include lightweight, high-performance components (especially by comparison to its original set up) put simply – Suzuki GSXR front end utilising our fork conversion kits, coupled with custom YSS Suspension on the rear giving the bike a more responsive and nimble feel. To add to that the original front wheel was retained by a custom in-house rotor adapter setup so the iconic snowflake wheels now boast 310mm twin disc brakes).

But we think the real beauty of this custom BMW R100 lies in its attention to detail. The handcrafted leather seat, custom oil cooler cover, a 5 piece crank case breather turned on our lathe, and carefully chosen Papaya Orange paint scheme that all work together to create a truly unique and stunning machine. It’s not all looks though, and the bike now packs a punch too with a set of TM34 Mikuni Flat Slide Carburetors to fuel the already powerful and reliable 1000cc boxer engine and deliver a smooth and responsive ride with a 25% increase in horsepower (or at least that’s what Mikuni Claim – we think it’s more like 10% although we haven’t dyno tested it).

This build combines classic styling with modern performance, making it a perfect example of what we’re all about here at JAX Garage. It’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes, and we’re confident that it’s already done so with the owner claiming to clock over 1,000 kilometres of riding in the Victorian High Country in just over a fortnight.

For more on this build feel free to check out the feature article at Bikebound Magazine.


  1. Cleaned and reduced frame. Sub-frame attachment to suit a raised bobber seat.
  2. Complete paint-job to engine, swing arm and frame (Mixture of satin black for mechanical and frame components, wrinkle finish on selected covers).
  3. Engine re-tune, and all stainless nut & bolt refresh to all external covers.
  4. A crank-case breather that was fabricated specifically for this engine, as well as an ornamental aluminum oil cooler cover that still provide adequate airflow but looks the part.
  5. Upgrade from the stock Bing Carburetors to TM34 Mikuni Flat Slide Carbs, with a set of aluminum velocity stacks so it breathes in a lot more air. According to Mikuni, the flat-slide carbs, which have a very distinctive rattle when at idle, give an additional 25% power.
  6. The classic BMW R100 fuel tank – but out aluminium and with adequate room on its underside to hide electrics. The colour is a Papaya Orange inspired by the 2022 McLaren F1 Car (3 coats of Papaya orange over a grey base) + 4 coats of satin clear coat. The aluminium aftermarket BMW fuel cap on top, and aluminium BMW badges just finishes it off.
  7. JAX Garage BMW R series – 7 Series fork conversion kit to hold in place mdoern Suzuki GSXR forks. Front-end also includes the original BMW R series snowflake wheel with in-house rotor adapters to retain 310mm brake discs. All stopped by a dual twin piston Tokico calipers and custom HEL braided brake lines courtesy of GK Tech.
  8. Custom YSS RC-CB-362-TRCL piggy back shocks, all Naranga Orange (Custom colour – Custom length to suit).
  9. All JAX Garage billet aluminium grips, and Rizoma tapered handlebars, to match perfectly with Motogadget switchgear, motogadet bar-end cruise mirrors, and mo.blaze disc indicators.
  10. Complete motogadget and lithium battery fit-out. That is, complete keyless start, bluetooth connectivity, all powered by an AG1201 lithium battery and Ricks’ regulator rectifier to suit.
  11. Modified electrical wiring and removed original instrument cluster. Instrument cluster is now ultra clean with the help of a motogadget chronoclassic speedo.
  12. Modified centre-stand (extended) to suit the more aggressive stance as requested by the client.
  13. Aftermarket exhaust headers with EMGO slash cut mufflers and slip-in silencers to meet noise regulations for pre 89 vehicles.
  14. Front Tyres: 120/70 R 19 Rear Tyres: 120/90 R 18 – Rubbers = Continental Twinduro’s at the front and back.
  15. Weight-loss treatment included shaving off almost 30kg – But it looks and feels even lighter.

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