Fiorello Galluzzo


Hi, I’m Fiorello, Fio for short from Melbourne Australia. An electrical control systems engineer by day with a passion for anything technical, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, wings, speed and espresso.

After having a few modern sport bikes in the past and a dry spell of no bikes for around 10 years due to life, I always wanted to challenge myself by getting right into the nuts and bolts to build something I could call my own. Having a decent sized workspace, basic tools and a few years experience under my belt messing about with cars and building model aircraft, I had no more excuses and finally embarked an amazing journey beginning in 2019 to turn a piece of junk 1982 Honda CB750 motorcycle into a custom built head turning gem. The build process initially was overwhelming but breaking such a large project down into smaller tasks certainly helped. I’ll never forget that very first short test ride, it was heart pumping exciting and frightening all at once.

The first build was extremely rewarding, it taught me so many new skills, I met wonderful likeminded people from all around the world and had lot’s of fun in the garage that I couldn’t wait to begin another project a 1982 BMW R100 cafe racer which is well underway.

I’ve had much inspiration from many artisan bike builders and more than happy to give back the magic to continue inspiring and assisting others. It’s an honour to be associated with the Jax Garage team and look forward to showcasing their unique and beautiful products on my builds.

Look me up on Instagram @fiorellogalluzzo for more details.

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