Hello, my name is Trevor Ryan Ditson

Back in 2017, I started looking for a new hobby (I had been a chef for 20 years prior). I decided to try my hand at building a bike, as I had always liked working with anything mechanical. Looking through the local classifieds in Phoenix Arizona, I came upon a 1985 BMW K100. Never seen or heard of one prior to that. Thought it was a cool looking bike and decided to go check it out. Once seen, I snapped it up and began, what has become, a very fruitful hobby that has turned in to an enjoyable profession. Now on to my 12th bike, I’ve enjoyed all that has come with the hobby. This includes new friends, partnerships, R&D, part manufacturing, etc.

I was never one to enjoy the social media scene but was pleasantly surprised at what an awesome community that’s involved with the K’s, along with the motorcycle community in general. I have connected with people around the world, sharing ideas, stories, and general camaraderie.

My background has been primarily in the automotive world but have enjoyed the jump over to two wheels. I draw my knowledge from both my father and grandfather – one who builds choppers and the other, dragsters. I spent most of my early years in the garage, enjoying the learning process and soaking up the atmosphere.

Starting your first build might be intimidating, especially with some of the “pro” builders being tight lipped with help / guidance or the forums being so toxic, but I always encourage others to share the knowledge so everyone can enjoy the hobby as we have. Life is short. I’m an open book and can be reached at or through a DM on Instagram @ditstang if you have any questions or need guidance I’m happy to help! If I can do it, so can you!

Thank you!
Trevor R Ditson

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