Koso LED Main Headlight Thunderbolt

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KOSO LED headlight THUNDERBOLT with parking light, black.

The futuristic LED headlight with its horizontal parking light strip in the middle has a very flat metal housing. The flat housing with its cooling fins on the rear not only looks great, but also simplifies the mounting on motorcycles where in the headlight area is not so much space to install.

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The upper and lower air ducts look dynamic and bring cooling airflowvto the cooling fins. In order to be even more flexible when mounting, the spotlight offers mounting options on the side and on the rear. There is an M8 thread on the left and right side. Six M6 threads, two each at the top, in the middle and at the bottom, are additional.

Product Fitment

housing diameter: 170 mm
depth: 84 mm
distance between mounting hole (middle) and end of housing: approx. 48 mm

3-pin Combination plug
yellow = dipped beam (+)
blue = remote (+)
black = ground (-)
extra cable:
white = position light (+)
black = ground (-)








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