Honda Fork Conversion Kits – 7 Series

$1,080.00 AUD

Our long awaited newly updated Honda fork conversion kits!

You asked, and we listened. Now available in two different offsets (30mm and 40mm), and available for all major forks ranging from Honda CBR, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSXR and more.

A custom designed plug and play installation to remove those old Honda forks and replacing them with modern upside down forks for your custom Honda CB or CX series motorcycle. This easy to install modification will instantly change the performance, look and feel of your custom Honda CB750F, K, CX500, CB900 Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Tracker and so on.

These custom triple clamps are manufactured using the highest quality racing grade 7075 T6 Aluminium for extra lateral rigidity resulting in improved handling and performance. With this kit, you don’t only get style and functionality, but performance of the highest degree.

Be sure to select your Bike Model, Fork Model, Fork Diameters (Top fork diameter = 50mm, Bottom fork diameter = 53mm to 56mm), and the offset your require.

50/53mm indicates 50mm top diameter and 53mm bottom diameter, 50/54mm indicates 50mm to diameter and 54mm bottom diameter etc.

The fork offset is responsible for stability and side to side steering lock. Depending on your set-up and style you may choose 30mm (tucked in front, tighter steering angle, closer proximity to tank) or 40mm (increased front, increased steering angle, increased proximity to tank).

Refer to the specifications below for additional information regarding fitment, application and compatibility.

All orders take approximately 10 business days to process.

For fork models not listed, or additional spacer requirements for rotor or adapters, contact us directly at

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Helicoiled auxiliary attachment holes

All JAX Garage components are designed not only to look and feel good but also be durable and practical. That’s why we’ve included helicoiled auxiliary mounting holes underneath the top triple clamp. Perfect for fitting aftermarket speedometers of your choice.

Honda Fork Conversion Kits - 7 Series 6
Honda Fork Conversion Kits - 7 Series 7

Pre-pressed head stem and bottom bearing

Whilst we always recommend that our components are installed by a qualified mechanic, all the hard work has already been done. The kit ensures that the head stem and bottom bearing are pressed on, making the installation a breeze.

We’ve also added two helicoiled mounting holes either side, along with adjustable steering stoppers to suit the needs of your build.

What comes in the kit?

Honda Fork Conversion Kits - 7 Series 8
  • Bottom triple clamp with pressed-in head stem and bottom bearing.
  • Top triple clamp.
  • Top bearing.
  • 2x steering stoppers and 2x stainless steel bolts to suit.
  • 4x bottom triple clamp stainless steel bolts.
  • 2x top triple clamp stainless steel bolts.

What comes in the box?

This Honda Fork Conversion kit comes with the following:

  • Bottom triple clamp with pressed-in head stem and bottom bearing.
  • Top triple clamp.
  • Top bearing.
  • 2x steering stoppers and 2x stainless steel bolts to suit.
  • 4x bottom triple clamp stainless steel bolts.
  • 2x top triple clamp stainless steel bolts.
  • 2 x Collets to suit either 53mm, 54mm, 55mm or 56mm forks.


Material: 7075 T6 Aluminium


Product Fitment

Our Honda Fork Conversion Kit is compatible with Honda CB and CX series bikes (1970’s – 1980’s): Note that steering will differ between models. Adjust steering locks as per vehicle stopper.

Compatible forks

  • Any forks with a top clamp diameter of 50mm and bottom 53mm to 56mm i.e. CBR 929/954/1000RR, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSXR 600/750/1000 etc.
  • Ohlins fork models may fit, however, lengths and axle spacing needs to be identical to the above listed models.
  • Note the headstem offset is changed from the original of 50mm to 30mm or 40mm.
  • CBR models from 2000 to 2007 are plug and play, in that it allows the CBR wheel, rotors and axle to be used without the need of spacers. Suzuki GSXR and Yamaha R1 forks are compatible with this kit. However, brake rotor spacers and axle spacers may be required if using the original Suzuki / Yamaha front wheel. Contact us if custom rotor adapters and axle spacers are required.


Modifying vehicles is a specialist task and requires the knowledge and experience of competent individuals to be conducted safely, particularly where vehicle performance may change from the original specification. There is an element of risk associated with any modification and it is up to you to ensure these risks are minimised and taken into account. Further, some components may not be suitable for installation as a result rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements are met, relevant to your country and/or jurisdiction. JAX Garage takes no responsibility for any damage or injury as a result of any component or vehicle modification.

Additional information

Weight 2.95 kg
Dimensions 38 × 34 × 12 cm

Jax Garage


Honda CB500, Honda CB550, Honda CB750 F, Honda CB750 K, Honda CB900 F, Honda CX500, Honda CX650, Honda GL500, Honda GL650

Bike Model

Honda CB500 (70's), Honda CB550 (Late 70's), Honda CB750K (70's), Honda CB750F (Late 70's), Honda CB750F (Early 80's), Honda CB900 (Early 80's), Honda CX500, Honda CX650

Fork Model

Honda CBR, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSXR, Other

Fork Diameters

50/53mm, 50/54mm, 50/55mm, 50/56mm

Fork Offset

30mm, 40mm